Access to Hiroshima

By Air (International Flights)

Direct flights to Hiroshima are available from the following cities.







Hong Kong



By Air (Domestic Flights)




From Sapporo               2 hours

From Sendai                  1 hour 35 minutes

From Narita                   1 hour 40 minutes

From Haneda                1 hour 20 minutes

From Naha                     1 hour 40 minutes


From Hiroshima Airport to the center of Hiroshima City, airport buses are available (45-55 minutes).

By Train (Shinkansen/Bullet Train)

Shinkansen/Bullet Train 'Nozomi'

From Tokyo                      3 hours 58 minutes

From Shinagawa              3 hours 51minutes

From Shin-yokohama      3 hours 41 minutes

From Nagoya                    2 hours 13 minutes

From Kyoto                       1 hour 40 minutes

From Shin-osaka*            1 hour 26 minutes

From Shin-kobe                1 hour 8 minutes

From Okayama                              35 minutes


Kansai Int'l Airport to Shin-osaka

                          50 minutes - 1 hour 15 minute


Shinkansen/Bullet Train 'Kodama'

From Shin-yamaguchi                  42 minutes


Shinkansen/Bullet Train 'Nozomi'

From Hakata                    1 hour 6 minutes


Shinkansen/Bullet Train 'Sakura'

From Kumamoto             1 hour 48 minutes

From Kagoshima             2 hours 34 minutes 

By Car/Bus

 By Car (Highway Use)

●From Osaka

Suita I.C. (Osaka City, Chugoku Expwy) to Hiroshima Higashi I.C. (Sanyo Expwy)         

                                                           320 km

Hiroshima Higashi I.C. to Hiroshima Station (via Hiroshima Highway Route 1, Fuchu)

                                                            15 minutes

●From Kyushu

Fukuoka IC to Hiroshima IC          280 km

Kumamoto IC to Hiroshima IC     380 km

Kagoshima IC to Hiroshima IC     550 km



By Highway Bus

●From Osaka

Osaka Station to Hiroshima Station    5 hours

●From Kyushu

Hakata Station (Fukuoka City) 

                 to Hiroshima Bus Center      4 hours