Ecotourism Information in Japan

Ecotourism Promoting Organization in Eastern Yamaguchi Coastal Area (Tobu Eco-tour)


Tobu Ecotour provides you the opportunities to enjoy abundant nature, unique history, tradition and culture in the eastern Yamaguchi Coastal Area of the Seto Inland Sea throughout a year.  Please join the ecotours and experience a variety of activities on the mountain or in the sea.



Become a roving weather reporter!

Watching the weather also means the first step of thinking about the natural environment. 

Why don't you post the weather report on the FuruRipo and think about the ecotourism in our daily lives?

*‘FuruRipo!’is a participatory weather reporting web system operated by the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience (NIED). Your report will be used for the research on disaster prevention.

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Hiroshima Hostel EN

Hiroshima Hostel EN created the hostel to be a social place for people to meet others and form new connections. That’s why their Hostel’s name is called “en”. In Japanese it means a connection or bond, or fate or destiny, especially as a mysterious force that binds two people together. It also means an opportunity or chance to meet someone new and form a bond.

Please enjoy local delicacies and the best sake at EN!

Ecotour Comprehensive



Why don’t you join an ecotour in Japan?  ‘Ecotour Comprehensive’ provides a variety of information on ecotours conducted in Japan as well as the Seto Inland Sea area.