Ecotourism Information in Japan

Ecotourism Promoting Organization in Eastern Yamaguchi Coastal Area (Tobu Eco-tour)


Tobu Ecotour provides you the opportunities to enjoy abundant nature, unique history, tradition and culture in the eastern Yamaguchi Coastal Area of the Seto Inland Sea throughout a year.  Please join the ecotours and experience a variety of activities on the mountain or in the sea.


Hiroshima Hostel EN

Hiroshima Hostel EN created the hostel to be a social place for people to meet others and form new connections. That’s why their Hostel’s name is called “en”. In Japanese it means a connection or bond, or fate or destiny, especially as a mysterious force that binds two people together. It also means an opportunity or chance to meet someone new and form a bond.

Please enjoy local delicacies and the best sake at EN!

Ecotour Comprehensive



Why don’t you join an ecotour in Japan?  ‘Ecotour Comprehensive’ provides a variety of information on ecotours conducted in Japan as well as the Seto Inland Sea area.