Since 2012, we, the Seto Eco, have provided ecotours for international guests mainly on Miyajima (Itsukushima Island).  The aims of our ecotours are to make the best use of natural resources in the Seto Inland Sea area through conserving and sustainably using its biodiversity, culture and history.

Our ecotours will provide you opportunities to visit unique places, enjoy rare experiences, and communicate with local people.  You may meet wild deer or finless porpoises.

Please join us!





Ecotour Sites

The Seto Eco helps to plan and conduct ecotours mainly at the following three sites.  Information on the ecotour sites are available from the photo icons/tabs below or the tabs above.  

(Details of the activities, shipping routes, and ports will be decided when a new ecotour plan is provided.)



Ship tour to seven shrines / observation of intertidal organisms / trekking / sketching / observation of bizarre rocks



Trekking / sea kayaking / tangerine harvesting / eco school / observation of sea organisms / walking tour of the old town

the boyo islands

Watching finless porpoises / underwater coral viewing / uninhabited island experience / trekking along historical trails


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