About Ecotours

Ecotourism is a new tourism to have responsibility for nature environment, history and culture in local areas as well as enjoying them.  If nature environment, history and culture in local areas are conserved and sustainably used, ecotourism could lead to the regional activation.  Finding and experiencing potential local pros are pleasures of ecotours. 
However, due to overuse of resources, ecotour sites may be damaged and their value may be lost accordingly.  It is essential for us to have a responsible attitude and keep to the rules to conserve the natural environment, history and culture of the local areas.
On ecotours, it is also necessary to be aware that ‘we are also part of nature’.  For example, we conduct the finless porpoise watching program as part of our ecotour activities, but we are not always able to watch finless porpoises if we visit the areas where they are unlikely to appear.  Sometimes, tour plans may have to be changed due to climate.  On ecotours, we can give ourselves to nature, and this is the trick to enjoying ecotours. 


We are most grateful if participants enjoy ecotours and are aware of the following points:
Pay respect to nature and enjoy ecotours
Do not capture or collect wild animals or plants to conserve them
Do not bring exotic species with you
Do not enter designated districts for conserving wild animals and plants
Do not feed wild animals
Fully prepare to join ecotours (Necessary things for participating in ecotours are listed on this homepage before the start of ecotours)
Bring back garbage


Reference: Ecotourism Promotional Manual (Revision, March 2008, MOE)

Ecotours will be conducted by the following travel agency.


Planned and Conducted by:
Hiroden Chugoku Shimbun Travel Co., Ltd.
3-19 Ebisu-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima 730-0021, Japan
℡ +81-82-543-2102
Monday to Friday 9:30-17:30
Saturday 10:00-17:00
Hiroden Chugoku Shimbun Travel Co., Ltd. is closed on Sundays and holidays.

Tourism Agency Secretary registered travel business No. 1666
International Air Transport Association
Member of the Japan Association of Travel Agents
The National Examination for certified General Travel Service Supervisor: Takeshi Shitamoto


Please check the terms and conditions before you make a payment and keep the receipt until your travel is completed.

Contract for Agent Organized Tours: This tour is planned, solicited and conducted by Hiroden Chugoku Shimbun Travel Co., Ltd. (3-19 Ebisu-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima 730-0021, Japan; Tourism Agency Secretary registered travel business No. 1666, hereinafter, ‘Hiroden’).  Tour participants will make an agent organized tour contract with Hiroden.  Terms and conditions are as follows and depend on the terms and conditions (full text) to be given separately, final itinerary (final document) to be given on the day before the departure.

To apply and the contact period formation: Please apply for the tour by filling in the Hiroden application form.  Deposits will be deducted from the tour fees.  When an application is made by telephone, postal mail, fax, internet or other methods, applicants are requested to submit an application form and make a payment within 5 days from the next date of our notice of reservation acceptance.  The travel contract will be completed when Hiroden agrees to the reservation and accepts the application form and application fees.



Cancellation Policy
Cancellation fees are calculated from the day before the tour date.

Before 21 days Before 20-8 days Before 7-2 days The day before the tour On the day of the tour Cancellation after the tour and cancellation without notice
Free The amount of application fee (within 20 % of the travel cost) 30 % of the travel cost  40 % of the travel cost  50 % of the travel cost  100 % of the travel cost