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Ecotourism Consultant & Coordinator

What is the Setonaikai Ecotourism Association (Seto Eco)?  

As a consultant and coordinator of ecotourism, the Setonaikai Ecotourism Association (Seto Eco) helps in developing ecotour contents and networking people in the regional area of the Seto Inland Sea.

We find potential charm of local areas and develop them into ecotour plans.  Also, we are forming networks with local people, municipalities and travel agencies for regional activation and nature conservation through dissemination of ecotourism.

As outputs of our consultation and coordination, we conduct ecotours and ecotourism forums, and develop a finless porpoise data network.


What is the Seto Inland Sea (Setonaikai)?

The Seto Inland Sea is located in the southwest part of Japan.  The Seto Inland Sea area is known for its moderate climate and serene views of the Setonaikai National Park.  The national park area includes beautiful small islands such as Akinada and Boyo Islands as well as Miyajima (Itsukushima) where Itsukushima Shrine (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and a Ramsar Wetland site are located.  The area is blessed with several scenic sites where people live in harmony with nature. 


      Maps: Comix and Guenny                                             More about the Setonaikai National Park, please visit the website of the Ministry of the Environment, Japan

Enjoy nature, culture and history of the Setonaikai National Park area on ecotours!



The Seto Eco helps conduct ecotours on Itsukushima (Miyajima), and on Aki Nada and the Boyo Islands using natural resources in the Setonaikai National Park Area.  We offer extraordinary experiences by visiting several places including a UNESCO World Heritage site and a Ramsar Wetland site.  You may meet finless porpoises or wild deer !


The Seto Eco has planned and conducted Ecotourism Forums since 2012 based on the principles of 'conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity', "search for cultures' and 'promotion of tourism'.  At the forums, information on the methods and case studies has been exchanged by inviting experts from Japan and abroad.  


N. p. sunameri (subspecies of finless porpoise) lives in the coastal waters of Asia including the Seto Inland Sea, Japan.  We, the Seto Eco, publish sighting information on this webpage as monthly reports (information is only available in Japanese).  We aim to establish 'finless porpoise data network' in the future.


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Ecotourism Organization Info in Japan

Why don’t you join an ecotour in Japan?  We provide you the information on ecotours in Japan as well as the Seto Inland Sea area.  Info about the related organizations are also available.

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